Scrum development from a developer's point of view

29th December 2016

Scrum development is great, it allows iterative development and much faster feedback loops. The concept is nothing new to a lot of people, and the adoption rate has been increasing. But I have yet to work in a team where I think we have achieved the maximum efficiency, in fact, most of the time we are far from it. The concept of Scrum seems easy enough, so why it is so hard to do it right?

Google Sheets as a service

25th December 2016

The most difficult choice to make when creating a simple web application is not choosing the right framework or colour scheme (for any backend devs out there). Instead, the struggle comes from deciding if a backend is required or necessary. A lot of the time, it is hard to justify setting up a backend service for a simple web application. More times than not, the only thing I really need is one or two simple APIs to bounce some data around. For that, I don't really want to spin up a new EC2 instance on AWS, create a backend, setting up a database and etc.

Using vue-cli (vuejs) with Github Pages

24th December 2016

Vue.js is a fantastic JavaScript framework, I have been using it to build small projects in its very early stages. The fact you can set up your projects in so many different ways is amazing, there are ways to set up a quick hack project or to build something is maintenance ready. One of the best ways to set up Vue properly is using Vue-CLI.

Web security - OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities

22nd December 2016

Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a non-profit organisation that was driven by a community which wishes to make the world wide web a safer place. The latest top 10 document can found here. As you can see it is created in 2013, so many of the issues would have been addressed already by new technologies. In this blog, we will be explaining the top 10 vulnerabilities and how they affect the technology today.

Using NPM scripts correctly

18th December 2016

Nowadays, most frontend projects and JavaScript projects use NPM (Node Package Manager) to manage dependencies. This is often done through the file package.json. This file, as the name extension suggests, contains a JSON object about the project. The follow snippet shows a very simple example of what a package.json file might contain, for more information about what each section means browsenpm will offer a much better explanation. If you have not seen a package.json file before, it might be best if you do some quick reading before continuing reading.

Easy ways to mange Email Inbox

12th December 2016

Keep a clean Inbox is not an easy task for even the most organised people because there are simply too many spams. There is only so many filters you can set up before it gets really annoying and tedious. Here are just some simple, but useful ways to keep a clean Email Inbox.

Fixed Windows 10 cannot shutdown issue

12th December 2016

I normally bounce around between Linux, Mac OS and Windows for different tasks. I mainly use Windows for gaming or consuming media, so there isn't much software installed on my machine. Not too sure when it started, but I have been having this weird issue where Windows doesn't turn off my machine when I click on Shutdown. It would just Log me out rather than do a full shutdown. What's even weirder is that Restart works just fine. I was doing a bit of searching around, I managed to resolve it. But I didn't find any of the instructions that was easy to follow. Hence why I'm creating this post.

Stopping ng-click from being fired in Angular (1.x) directive

18th November 2016

In the project I'm working on right now, we needed a way to disable some input fields based on a condition which is pretty common. I ended up writing a directive to reduce the amount of duplicated code and keeping it clean and simple. However, there was one problem, we didn't use the default checkboxes. Instead, we ended up using the icons from fonts-awesome library (Checked Icon, Unchecked Icon).

Use brain or password manager

31st October 2016

I struggled with this question for a long time. It is contradictory in a way that using a password manager should make everything more secure, but using a master password introduces a single point of failure. So is it more or less secure? Given the number of accounts I have created over the years, I would say going with a password manager is the better choice and stop repeating same passwords on different sites. This way hackers can only hack into one of your accounts if they hack into a site.

What I love and hate about JavaScript

9th July 2016

JavaScript is a dynamically typed language, and that gives it a lot of edge in my opinion. It is one of the most used programming language right now. So definitely worth learning even if people do not want to head towards this direction in their careers.