Netlify build error: vue-cli-service not found

16th March 2019

I recently created a project using Vue CLI 3, and after got the project set up to a basic state I decided to add it onto Netlify and get the builds going for future reference (Netlify keeps all previous builds and if they are static sites then it also serves them at generated URLs). I started doing this late at night, and after battling it for a few hours I still didn't get anywhere. It was a pretty stressful situation, I just couldn't work out why I kept getting vue-cli-service: not found errors when Netlify runs the build. There was surprising little help online for this, maybe not many people have started using Vue CLI 3 with Netlify yet? I only managed to find out the reason after more digging and thought I'd share my solution so no one else needs to go through the same amount of pain.

Web Application Rapid Prototyping

11th March 2019

First of all, I just want to say that I love the concept of rapid prototyping!

Why? There are so many reasons, but here are just a few which I value deeply:

  1. Different to normal development - It gives you a whole new perspective to software development, normal expectations and assumptions are not valid here. Testing? Hmmm, maybe later. Team chat about coding standard? No need, we will use someone else's lint rules.
  2. Learning opportunities - It really tests your knowledge of different toolsets, libraries, and services. If you are working with other people, then there is a high chance of you picking up something you didn't know before.
  3. Achievement - Literally build something from nothing in a matter of hours or days.

A quick overview of creating a new project with vue CLI

10th March 2019

Vue CLI is a powerful tool, designed to help developers to set up a base project on which they could start building on top of with extreme ease. It offers a bunch of configuration options which caters for different people's preferences and needs. However, as someone who's new to Vue or web development, it could be scary trying to go through the manual setup. This blog post attempts to change that, by explaining each step and give my personal recommendation for each configuration.

Which Node.js package manager tools to use?

29th January 2019

Everything in JavaScript world moves fast in comparison. Libraries and frameworks often fighting hard to dominate one another, in order to win the hearts of developers. Today let's discuss the positions of npm, yarn and a challenger called pnpm. Both yarn and pnpm were announced around the same time, only difference being Yarn was backed by Facebook and it gained traction much faster.

Let's embrace modern browsers in 2019

9th January 2019

Anyone who's been working with frontend web development should know the pain of browser support. I never understood why people stick with older browsers and I might never find the answer. I'm sure many fellow developers have the same confusion. Apart from corporate machines, there is very little reason to stay on older browser versions. Modern browsers are both more secure and faster! Need more reason? You get all that for free and there are plenty to choose from, what more can we ask for? For us, developers, nothing about this makes any sense.

A quick Parcel bundler review

4th December 2018

I heard about Parcel about a year ago, back then I didn't feel like it was stable enough to be used in my personal projects. And that I was just getting into RollupJS, compared to Webpack that was already a massive step up in terms of ease of use and simplified configuration. A year later, now I am finally ready to try out Parcel and see exactly how simple it is compared to the established alternatives like RollupJS and Webpack.

Improving CSS performance of Cordova apps on Android TVs

17th November 2018

I have recently been working in a team that creates web apps that sits inside a webview wrapper application on Android TVs. Coming from more of a web background, even though this is still using React and other common web technologies, there are still some interesting challenges.

If you have read the title of this blog, then you know we'll be talking about CSS performances on Android TVs. This is not a new topic, since performance is an issue on all low end spec devices, but the ones comes with TV are a bit different.

Triad Learning: a new way to train and learn

22nd August 2018

This is my fifth year as a software developer, it certainly has been a long and fulfilling learning journey until now. There are simply too much to learn no matter how we plan it out, not even mentioning there are new tech coming out every day. When I started my career I felt like I knew so little about the world of software development, and that feeling never really went away. This game of catch-up is tiring to say the least, some even gave this overwhelming feeling a name - development fatigue.

Typescript: the key to a maintainable JavaScript codebase

15th August 2018

So here's a question, if someone told you to draw a sketch would you like to be rulers and grids OR do you prefer to just have a blank canvas? One gives you structure, guidance and assistance, while the other gives you freedom. This is exactly the same argument with statically typed language VS dynamically typed language. This question has been around for a long time, and no one has managed to settled the argument yet.